Thursday, May 29, 2008

If I had a million dollars....

If you love to shop for interesting and unique items take a look at It is a really fun website---I went there to promote my artwork and got lost in the frenzy--and found this incredible bed. Talk about sleeping under the stars. Alas, it is only $15k--so I may have to wait a bit.

Kaboodle is pretty cool though--It is one of the new Social Shopping sites. Think of a combination of myspace or facebook---but with lists of your favorite items. You can make friends, check out others shopping lists as well as find some very unique treasures.

And if you can afford this stunning bed, or just want to take a look around--you can find it here at Amazing pieces of functional art. Shawn specializes in making one-of-kind and commissioned work both commercial and residential using both traditional and modern forging techniques. Her work has ranged from large scale railings, gates, and arbors to fire screens and surrounds, lighting, furniture, hardware and much more.

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