Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am not a hunter

I am not a hunter but living here in Iowa I have many clients whose husbands hunt. And they hunt ALOT. The most common complaint is that they have to have a room to put the deer heads. If you ask me, those glazed over eyes of the deer are creepy. But the husbands demand the dead heads must be included in the interior design. Well I have come along a great altenative, and no deer were killed in making this craft!

Check out San Antonio artist Jennifer Khoshbin's creations--a very crafty take on the deer head. Her work has several different color schemes to choose from. We love this idea that will please both the hunters and the decorators! Take a peek at her online shop at


Bonnie Story said...

I LOVE that deer head. My husband has several deer heads that have come from Grandpa or that he hunted himself, and yes of course they have to take their place on the walls (sigh...)

I really like the fresh take on the traditional deer head shape. It's a shape that does have baggage, the whole hunting thing and the creepyness factor too, but with this treatment the shape gets a whole new life, new voice! Thanks for posting that! Bonnie

Lemon Shortbread said...

yep I find them very creepy too and actually I've never seen one in real before hehe

Liz said...

Wow is that lovely with so much detail

Regretful Morning said...

Oh damn - thats manly and feminine at the same time!