Friday, June 6, 2008

More paintings and more layers...

Sometimes I get so anxious to paint it can be difficult to wait and let layers dry---but with some recent paintings, I waited (yes, it was hard). Many of the paintings this week have several layers of paint, stencils, handrubbed stains and more layers of paint. The real key for me is to know when to say when—because it is easy to continue to add layer upon layer.

The newest additions are available as always on Ebay, however I am also adding many of my paintings available for purchase on Etsy as well. Etsy is a great new company with wonderful pieces of art---think Ebay, but no auctions and all handmade. I am glad I made myself a little nest in the Etsy world—there is a comforting vibe over there. Check it out!
The above paintings are currently available for purchase as a set.

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Lemon Shortbread said...

that looks really nice! I agree it takes way too much patience to paint! And I've linked your blog, thanks!