Friday, June 13, 2008

Turquoise as you have never seen it before

The turquise rock soaps made by Amethyst Soap on etsy are hands down the most beautiful soaps I have ever seen! Now, I haven't purchased my soap, yet...but they are so stunning just to look at I couldn't resist sharing these precious little soaps with you.

Created by Amethyst Soaps, their artist statement reads "Artist Statement: Tumbled Turquoise Soap© passes through many stages to become the exquisite bar of exfoliating luxury soap that it is. It starts as pure glycerine soap to which Shea butter and olive oil are added. It is scented with cinnamon essential oils and a hint of peony fragrance oil. Naturally exfoliating, Tumbled Turquoise Soap® contains freshly ground cinnamon, and orange peel. Each piece of Tumbled Turquoise Soap® is made individually by hand and each piece is completely unique."

To check out the above soaps, as well as the company's line very real looking amethyst soaps visit their etsy shop by at

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