Saturday, June 7, 2008

Contemporary Art Panels

For my local fans –and fans willing to have these shipped, I have made some new contemporary art panels. The panels are a great way to add focus and definition to a room. Each can be hung on a wall, or for a fun effect, simply leaned against the wall.

Rather than painted on canvas, the panels are made of wood, and approximately 72” x 30”. Some are made with plasters that are that are troweled on. The plasters have tiny bits of mica (yes—the tiny sparkles you see reflecting in your lipsticks, nailpolishes and metallic paints) so when the light hits the plaster just right---each piece radiates shimmer.

Perfect if you are going for the modern West Elm look! The panels are very light weight, however I have not looked into shipping them yet due to the size.

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