Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I treasure all things round!


If you are into Etsy one of the most coveted and sought after items is a "Treasury". Based on a theme, one person fills up their treasury with items being sold on Etsy. It is very difficult to land a treasury--you have to calculate the time they will end, count back minutes, and IF you are lucky a tiny box pops up on your screen and you have one. Sounds confusing--and it is. Etsy only gives out 333 treasuries at a time, even though at times there can be as many as 500. Still confused...I know.
But I am here to tell you I landed one today and titled it "Circle it round" based on all the circles popping up in my paintings lately. Now, none of my items are in the treasury, but some of my favorite etsy sellers and items are featured. Check out the adorable list of items soon---the treasury is only open for a few days and then it is someone else's turn!

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