Monday, June 30, 2008

A little low on Honey and this is what I found

The other day I was at a Starbucks and I noticed they had littlle packs of honey ---so I grabbed a few. About 10. I knew the bottle of honey sitting in my pantry was nearly on empty--and honey is a staple ingredient to be mixed with my morning cup of tea (who needs sugar).

So my pantry has packs of honey, and well my fridge also has random packs of ketchup, mustard relish, and the endless supply of soy sauce whenever I get chinese. It really does come in handy, as I did actually have a bratwurst the other day, and two packs of mustard fixed that sausage right up. Who needs to actually BUY condiments when you can get these mini packs for free?

So to my utter delight, I discovered Chris Harne who actually has an extra large collection of condiment packages. Finally, someone who understands me. But then I realized Chris takes his collection very seriously. He categorizes his packets into type, scans pictures of them and you can even search by country. Check out his goods here
I am now a believer that anything can be turned into art!
P.S. I realize Chris doesn't have Starbucks Honey in his collection! Off to go scan that packet for him...

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