Monday, June 30, 2008

Rainy Days and Summer Days

Both of these days you are 99.4% guaranteed to hear the endless comments about boredom--if you have children. We are in luck that pets can't speak.

This summer i have heard this statement more than ever, especially since my daughter is staying home with my, as I am doing much more canvas and art work from home than ever before. Having your seven year old stay at home is also a guarantee that you will watch Highschool Musical more than 18 times. It also means you will know ever Jonas Brothers song by heart.

After endless hours of hearing Kevin, Joe and Nick singing, my daughter screaming and making posters dedicated to the group I think my scrambled mind shut down, and I told myself I had to find something a little more entertaining for her to do. I discovered Bloesem Kids,a great blog with fun activities and art projects.

Arounna Khounnorajis is the weekly guest and art diva on the site. She shows fantastic art projects you can do with your kids. Arounna received several Art degrees. She lives in Toronto and divides her time between her textile designs and her artwork where she explores sculpture, drawing and printmaking. Together with husband John Booth she produces pieces for their own label...Bookhou design.

So look up the directions for a few of these projects, get the supplies you need and when you hear the dreaded words, take a little time out and get creative! Take a look at the site by visiting here

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Liz said...

What a wonderful art the detail is amazing!