Friday, June 27, 2008

Raw Beauty

Raw abstract art--I had a great time painting these I have been a bit on a blue streak lately, and the blues and greens in this piece really show that. I added touches of gold , deep browns and yellows. I still wanted the canvases to have something more--they just didn't seem finished to me. I added a silhouette of Marilyn Monroe and it just finished each canvas perfect. Ms. Monroe is painted in glimmer golds on one piece and the other she is in a rich leathery red.

Title: Raw Beauty

Dimensions: 16" x 20" each canvas--you get both gallery wrapped canvases!

Material: Large canvas, all staples on back. Acrylic paints. Signed and titled by artist Julie Hampton on back--so you can hang any way you like. Painting is coated with a clear non yellowing varnish for added protection and durability. Sides are painted in a coordinating color.

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:-) MaryLou said...

Hi, fellow Etsyian!

I just saw the comment you left on my blog about the treasuries... If I'm able to get to the post quickly enough that the treasury is still live, I just do a screenshot of the treasury and save it as a .jpg file, then upload it to blogger (I also load them in flickr, but that's beside the point), and then link to the treasury room. It's kind of nice for people to be able to click on the picture and be taken right to the treasury.

See ya 'round Etsy and Entrecard!

Julie said...

Awesome--thanks for the reply. I did a post on my blog awhile back about a treasury--but couldn't show the entire thing....this will be a nice feature to use once in a while. :)