Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh my Gourd!

Gourd art---in the past has not been a favorite of mine--how about you? Perhaps I never have seen great gourd art, but it just hasn't been something I "had to have" in my collection of decorative items. Then today I came across these gourd eggs---the most precious hand painted objects!

The artist actually grows and harvest her own gourds and says they are about the size of a hen's egg. Each is colored to bring out the raw texture. There is also more beautiful gord art in her shop! Take a look and tell her I sent you!


drAnn's ART said...

That is a nice photo! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog called The Empty Cabinets of My Mind. EntreCard seems to be working :-)

I also have one called drAnn's Art where I periodically post my drawings and paintings and other things of possible interest to me and to other artists.

beaufortblogger said...

Julie, Nice blog! Thanks for showing my egg gourds!